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Corporate Accelerator


Benefits for Corporates

Running a startup accelerator program can offer various benefits for corporates. Meet Ventures has experience running and supporting multiple startup accelerator programs and here are five key benefits for corporates:

1. Innovation Injection: Startup accelerators provide corporates with a direct channel to inject innovation into their organizations. By working closely with startups, corporates can tap into fresh ideas, cutting-edge technologies, and disruptive business models that might be challenging to develop internally.


2. Access to Emerging Technologies: Through the accelerator program, corporates gain access to emerging technologies and trends in their industry. Startups often bring a focus on the latest advancements, helping corporates stay competitive and adapt to the rapidly changing business landscape.


3. Collaboration Opportunities: Accelerator programs facilitate collaboration between corporates and startups. This collaboration can lead to joint ventures, partnerships, or even acquisitions, allowing corporates to integrate innovative solutions into their operations seamlessly.


4. Talent Acquisition and Development: Running a startup accelerator program can also serve as a talent pipeline for corporates. By identifying and nurturing promising startups, corporates have the opportunity to attract top entrepreneurial talent and potentially integrate skilled individuals into their own teams.


5. Enhanced Corporate Branding: Associating with startup accelerator programs enhances a corporate's brand image as an innovative and forward-thinking organization. This can be particularly valuable for attracting customers, investors, and partners who are looking for companies at the forefront of industry trends.

Benefits for Government Agencies

Running a startup accelerator program can offer various benefits for government agencies. Meet Ventures has experience running and supporting multiple startup accelerator programs and here are five key benefits for government agencies:


1. Economic Development: Government-led startup accelerator programs contribute to economic development by fostering entrepreneurship and job creation. These programs can stimulate the growth of local economies, attracting investment and talent to the region.


2. Tech Ecosystem Growth: Accelerators supported by government agencies help nurture and expand the local technology ecosystem. This growth can lead to the development of a thriving community of startups, investors, and support organizations, contributing to the overall competitiveness of the region.


3. Problem Solving for Public Issues: Government-led accelerator programs can focus on solving specific public issues or challenges. By supporting startups working on solutions to problems relevant to the community, government agencies can address societal issues more effectively.


4. Global Competitiveness: Encouraging innovation through startup accelerators enhances a country's or region's global competitiveness. It can attract foreign investment, encourage international collaboration, and position the area as a hub for innovation and technology.


5. Policy Experimentation: Government agencies can use accelerator programs as a platform to experiment with new policies and regulations related to startups. This allows for a more flexible and adaptive regulatory environment that fosters innovation while ensuring public welfare.

Case Studies


Case Study:

WingArc Accelerator

Client: WingArc1st Inc, Tokyo listed company


Meet Ventures' success with the WingArc Accelerator serves as a compelling case study illustrating the significant benefits of corporate collaboration with startups. Over the past five batches, Meet Ventures has helped the Tokyolisted company WingArc1st Inc to work with startups from across Asia. Through the process, WingArc managed to boost its brand awareness in the region by getting featured on media such as Yahoo Finance and AsiaOne. WingArc was also invited to speak at major conferences such as SWiTCH alongside other global MNCs.


A total of 18 startups, ranging from Seed to Series B stage, have since graduated from the program and most of them have signed a tech licensing agreement that offers WingArc recurring royalties. Some of the startups have also received investment from WingArc and went on to explore go-to-market collaboration as well as distribution opportunities.

Case Study:

Workplace Accelerator

Client: Veremark + Nudge Group

The Workplace Accelerator is a sector-specific program exclusively targeting the highest potential HR and Work Tech startups. Meet Ventures is also a minority shareholder with a 10% stake in the program.


The program has positioned its owners as innovative thought leaders within the HR and Work Tech sector. 176 senior HR professionals have volunteered to be mentors in the program, with 42 coming from USA, 51 coming from EU, and 83 coming from Asia. On top of this, there are also 3 Partners and 10 Operating Partners. These powerful industry networks have been essential in helping to open doors for both the startups as well as the program owners who become the center of influence.


If you are looking to build influence and thought-leadership within your industry, Meet Ventures can help you to duplicate the success of Workplace Accelerator for you and your company.


Estimated Timeline

The time needed to plan and launch a startup accelerator program is around 6 months.

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