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Ivy league education
and networking at a fraction of the price.
  • Gain industry insights from industry experts.

  • In-depth Asia insights on the fast-growing countries: India, China, Japan, South Korea and Indonesia.

  • Business knowledge from top-tier guest lecturers.

  • Access the program's exclusive and private alumni group, gain business connections. 

  • Attain lifelong learning with the yearly credit to attend a current masterclass free of charge.

  • Interactive pedagogy in all classes. Conducted live online. Class size is kept to 20 pax at maximum, allowing for ample time to interact with speakers and trainers.

Here are 3 ways to stand out

FMBA certificate to prove your business knowledge

Optional work attachment in a startup company

Understand Asia, the world's fastest-growing market

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Prove that you have the business knowledge to succeed. Learn about topics such as design thinking, customer discovery, business model, marketing, human resources and finance. Our lecturers are all industry experts and some have taught in leading universities such as the National University of Singapore (ranked #1 in Asia).


In today's world, it is no longer enough to have a degree. Employers also expect you to have some work experience. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), those with work experience get 50% more job offers.

Our FMBA program offers you an optional unpaid one-month remote work attachment to a startup company in Asia. This work attachment may be considered as an internship and working hours are flexible. On average, you will be expected to put in around 10 hours of work per week if you choose to embark on this work attachment.


Asia is home to some of the largest and fastest-growing countries in the world such as China, India and Indonesia. Each of their GDP is more than USD 1 trillion and this number has been growing by more than 5% every year over the past 5 years. Asia is also home to more Fortune 500 companies than any other continent, with more than 40% of Fortune 500 companies headquartered in Asia.

Our FMBA program offers you a first hand glimpse into Asia and the opportunities present here. Throughout the program, you will get to learn from experts in Asia.


John Lim, MBA

John is an Innovation Consultant whose clients include MNCs and government agencies. He used to work at KPMG Innovate and SGInnovate. He is also a TEDx Speaker and Yale-NUS Keynote Speaker on innovation.

Topic: Design Thinking

Farhan Firdaus, MSc

Farhan is a Venture builder who grew a Seed stage startup into a Series B startup across 21 locations. He is also an Advisor at economic think-tank Adam Smith Center and Guest Lecturer at NUS Business School, ranked number 1 in Asia.

Topic: Business Model

Kai Joo Jason HO_edited.png
Jason Ho, MBA

Jason founded a jewellery company with 183 accolades worldwide - represented the University of Cambridge (England), his alma mater for Entrepreneurship to the British Royal Family in 2018. He also holds an MBA from Imperial College London.

Topic: Marketing

Eddie Lee, EMBA

Eddie Lee is the Executive Director of ASEAN Human Development Organisation. He was formerly the Asia Pacific CHRO of Bolloré, a french logistics MNC, covering 24 countries.

Topic: Human Resources

Geraldine Lam_edited.png

Geraldine Lam, MBA

Geraldine is the Finance Advisor for Digital Industries (ASEAN) at Siemens Bank, Siemens. She was formerly from the Treasury Team at Varde Partners and Cargill.

Topic: Finance

ian low_edited_edited.png
Ian Low, MBA

Ian Loh is a former Associate Director of UBS Hong Kong. A Goldman Sachs and Oxford MBA Scholar, he is the former Vice President of Business China Youth Chapter and Former Co-Chair for the Oxford Business Network (Finance)

Topic: Understanding China

Arseto Pinontoan, MSc

Arseto is a Digital Ecosystem Leader for KEPRI region in Indonesia. He is the current lead for Techstars Startup Weekend and former lead for the Microsoft Users Group and Facebook Developer Circles in his city.

Topic: Understanding Indonesia

Kris-removebg-preview (2)_edited.png
Kris Liang, MBA

Kris is a business consultant who specialises in working with Japanese MNC clients. He was a former supply chain manager before earning his MBA from Waseda University, the top private university in Japan.

Topic: Understanding Japan

Woo Hyun Jung

Hyun Jung is a Research Manager at the Busan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, South Korea. He was nominated to represent South Korea for the prestigious US State Dept IVLP Program for Entrepreneurship.

Topic: Understanding South Korea



  1. Design Thinking: learn how to better understand customers and meet their needs

  2. Business Model: learn how to use the business model canvas as a planning tool

  3. Marketing: learn how to effectively promote your products to your target audience

  4. Human Resources: learn how to attract, retain and manage talents

  5. Finance: learn how to do simple budgeting and financial forecasting for your business

  6. Understanding China: learn more about the 2nd largest economy in the world

  7. Understanding Japan: learn more about the 3rd largest economy in the world

  8. Understanding India: learn more about the 5th largest economy in the world

  9. Understanding South Korea: learn more about the 10th largest economy in the world

  10. Understanding Indonesia: learn more about the 2nd fastest growing G-20 economy

Key Features:

  • 5 weeks program, no exams

  • 70% attendance required

  • Class size limited to 20 pax

  • Live Online and Interactive

  • Every Wed, 8pm to 10pm (GMT-4)

Apply for the FMBA program today!

Next batch starts 29th June 2022