Investor Club by Meet Ventures

Meet Ventures is an innovation consultancy firm and early-stage startup investor. In the course of our work, we frequently come across high potential startups looking for smart investors who can support them in their growth. 

Therefore, we recently set up our Investor Club to gather together angel investors who might be keen to invest or support these startups. Unlike many other angel networks, membership in our Investor Club is free and by-invite only.

Membership Benefits
Who is this for?

Our current members include the family office of a tech billionaire, a multibillion dollar PE firm, serial entrepreneurs who had already exited their startups, former venture capitalists, angel investors with dozens of portfolio startups, corporate high-flyers and more.

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Opportunities come through people

If you are a startup, connect with us and let's see how we can support you


If you are an angel investor, joining our network opens up more opportunities and doubles the fun!