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Startup Perks

*Startups perks are not guaranteed and eligibility is decided by the sponsors.

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Members are eligible for Google Cloud and Firebase usage covered with credits up to $100,000 in year one.

Plus, in year two get 20% of Google Cloud and Firebase usage covered, up to an additional $100,000 in credits*

Value: $200,000


Get access to HubSport's CRM platform & tools up to 90% discount in Year 1.

(up to US$73,440 savings.)

Value: $73,440


Members get unlimited access to all Zendesk products for 6 months.

Value: $35,000

Freshworks For Startups png logo.png

Members are eligible for up to US$10,000 credits across Freshworks' suite of products.


Value: $10,000


Eligible startups can get up to US$5,000 credits for Amazon Web Services.

Value: $5,000


Qualified appliers will receive US$3,000 in Alibaba Cloud Credits, and to connect with VC resources and tech support from Alibaba Cloud.

Value: $3,000


Early stage startups in Meet Ventures' accelerator programs are eligible for one year of Cloudflare's startup enterprise plan.

Value: $2,400


Members are eligible for a fee-free processing for up to SG$40,000 processing volume.

Value: $2,000


Members are eligible for 1 year of free monitoring, reporting and remediation for up to 100 resources.


50% discount on paid plan for a year, if resource count goes above 100.

Value: $1200


Members are eligible for up to $1,000 in credits on Miro to grow your business.

Value: $1,000


Members are eligible for free bonus upgrades on Zegal plans.

Value: $960


Members are eligible for a 20% discount on SVESTED products.

Value: $850


Members are eligible for a complimentary 1 year equity management membership worth US$600.

Value: $600


Members are eligible for up to 15 % discounts when purchasing Deskimo credits.

Value: $400


Members of the Community get 16% discount on the first invoice.

Value: $400

Apollo Logo.png

Members are eligible for 25% discount on Apollo's annual plans.

Value: $300


Startups are applicable for 60 days free usage on HPE's RIC.

Value: $200


Up to 80% discount and waiver of processing fees for members.

Value: $150

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Eligible start-ups can get

1-month free rental and free plan downgrades.

Value: $150

Choco Up Logo.png

Members are eligible for funding up to 40% of revenue.

Value: $100


Members are eligible for 10% discount on first year keyman insurance premium.

Value: $100


Members are eligible for a 10% discount on Microsoft package.

Value: $100


Receive the Glints SG salary guide, remote hiring and Southeast Asia tech talent compensation report.

Value: $100


Members are eligible for a 10% discount on Classpoint premium plans.

Value: $100


Receive the Surge Founder Starter Pack, complimentary from Sequoia Capital India.

Value: $100


Members are eligible for a cashback of up to SG$100 worth of vouchers when obtaining finances from a panel of lenders.

Value: $100

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Members are eligible of $1,000 in infrastructure credits and all the benefits of the startup community.

Value: $1000