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H-Kare provides services in cyber and cloud security solutions, specialised in identity and access management.

H-Kare Solutions is a boutique IT consulting firm based in Singapore. We specialize in Identity and Access Management. H-Kare was founded by group of senior IAM experts specialized in Enterprise Identity and Access Management (IAM) Solutions.


Today our team consists of Security consultants who has extensive experience in industry leading solutions. H-Kare has been providing Identity & Security solutions in Asia region. The team members had successfully implemented large-scale Identity & Security projects for banks, universities, life sciences, healthcare and telecommunication companies.

Our solutions are Single Sign-On, Multi-Factor Authentication, Identity and Access Governance, Directory Services, User Self-Service, API Gateway, Role Based Access Control, Attribute Based Access Control, Privileged Access Security and Privileged Access Management.


Members are eligible for a 10% discount on Microsoft package.

Value: $100

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