Meet Ventures specialises in running various startup programs.

Incubators: Helping early-stage startups to achieve product-market fit

Accelerators: Helping growth-stage startups to build strategic partnerships and distribution channels

Open Innovation Programs: Helping corporates to work with startups to solve their pain points

Market Access Programs: Helping companies to expand into new markets in South-East Asia

Educational Programs: Helping learners to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset and skills

Our team has rich experience running these programs for corporates and government agencies. Contact us if you are a corporate or government agency looking to run a startup program!

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Meet Incubator

Meet Incubator is a 6 month structured program that helps new startups to achieve product-market fit. During this period, startups get personal coaching and access to masterclasses taught by industry experts. The program culminates in a Demo Day attended by leading VCs and Angel Investors. LEARN MORE

WingArc Accelerator

WingArc Accelerator is co-organised by WingArc1st and Meet Ventures. WingArc1st is a leading data software company listed in Japan. Through this program, growth-stage startups get access to proprietary technology and consultation worth more than $500k. They also get Japan market access support and 1-1 mentorship from industry leaders. LEARN MORE


Workplace Accelerator

Workplace Accelerator is co-organised by Veremark and Meet Ventures. This program supports HR tech startups that are building solutions to enable the future of work. Startups selected into this program get access to more than a hundred mentors who are HR leaders from companies like Google. They also get personal coaching by the former APAC Head of Adecco Group X and personal introductions to investors. LEARN MORE

FMBA Program

FMBA is a 5 weeks educational program for learners to get insights into doing business in Asia. The program comprises of 5 masterclasses on key business topics and 5 masterclasses on key Asian markets. The interactive masterclasses are taught live by industry leaders from China, India, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia and Singapore. Learners also have the option to embark on a part-time internship at a local startup. LEARN MORE


NUS Zero To One Program

NUS Zero To One Program is a 6 month educational program co-organised by NUS Business School and Meet Ventures. NUS Business School has consistently been ranked one of the top business schools in Asia. Participants who graduate from this 6 month program will receive a joint certificate from NUS Business School and Meet Ventures. LEARN MORE

2030 Future Leaders Program

2030 Future Leaders Program is a comprehensive leadership program for university students to better understand regional opportunities and engage with other student leaders from across the region. This program was sponsored and supported by the National Youth Council of Singapore, a government agency under the Ministry of Culture Community and Youth. LEARN MORE


Travel To SEA Program

Travel To SEA is a market access program sponsored by the Korea Tourism Organisation, the government agency in-charge of Travel and Hospitality in South Korea. Through this program, up to 10 growth-stage startups are selected and supported in their expansion efforts into South-East Asia. Over the past 3 years, Meet Ventures has been tasked to help select these startups, provide 1-1 mentorship and connect the startups to business partners and investors in the region.

Suzhou Venture Contest

Suzhou Venture Contest is a global pitch competition sponsored by the Suzhou Municipality Government. Meet Ventures was engaged to help co-organise the South-East Asia segment of the event by recruiting and selecting suitable startups.

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And More...

Our team has experience leading and managing many other startup programs throughout our careers. Some of these include:

CISCO Innovation Program

IBM-Watson Innovation Program

LongHash Blockchain Accelerator

SEA Anchor Market Access Program

Contact us to find out more!