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Training & Coaching

Benefits of an Effective Curriculum

The effectiveness of business training and coaching depends largely on the curriculum and trainers involved. Here are some reasons why we have arguably one of the most effective curriculum for business training.


1. Research-Proven: Few business training curriculum can claim to be research-proven to produce results. Meet Ventures had the privilege of working with NUS Business School to conduct a training program that had been research-proven to increase the likelihood of startup success.


2. Industry Adoption: Our business training curriculum has been utilized in programs that we conduct for multinational corporations, listed companies, and government agencies. This guarantees the consistent delivery of a gold standard quality across all our programs.


3. Real World Insights: Given our day-to-day involvement in the startup and innovation space, Meet Ventures is well poised to present the latest industry insights and case studies to complement theoretical textbook learning. Through vivid examples of real world scenarios, we are better able to explain and portray key learning lessons to participants.


4. Localised Context: An effective training curriculum needs to take into account local norms and practices. Given our strong presence and focus on Asia, our curriculum is tailored to doing business in Asia and we are able to share what works and what doesn’t in the region.

Benefits of an Effective Trainer

The effectiveness of business training and coaching depends largely on the curriculum and trainers involved. Here are some reasons why we have arguably some of the most effective trainers for business coaching.


1. Industry Practitioners: Our trainers and coaches are industry leaders. For example, one of our Partners was the former COO of South-East Asia’s largest dental chain and the other was a former Head of BD & Marketing at a US$100M fund. Both are also highly regarded TEDx and Keynote Speakers.


2. University Lecturers: Our trainers and coaches are also well versed in theory. For example, majority of our Partners and Venture Partners have been invited to be guest lecturers at top universities like NUS Business School. Many have also conducted training programs for both corporates and government agencies.


3. Highly Educated: Our trainers and coaches are educated at top institutions. For example, almost all of our Partners and Venture Partners have an advanced degree in business or a related-field. Having a high-level of formal education at prestigious universities helps provide assurance that our trainers and coaches are top tier professionals.


4. Track Record: Our trainers and coaches have served global startup organizations. For example, our Partners and Venture Partners have been invited to provide coaching and mentoring services for 500, TechStars, SeedStars, Slingshot and more.

Case Studies

Case Study:

NUS Business School

Client: National University of Singapore


The National University of Singapore engaged us to run the NUS 021 Entrepreneurship Program, a 6 month certificate program for early-stage entrepreneurs.


Meet Ventures was tasked with providing training and mentoring for more than 100 participants comprising of SME owners, startup founders and corporate executives. Topics covered include idea validation, business model, sales, marketing, personal branding, human resources, minimum viable product, fundraising and more.


Apart from internal trainers, we also brought in subject matter experts with decades of industry experience to serve as guest lecturers in the various subjects.

Case Study:


Client: Singapore Management University

The Singapore Management University Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship invited both the Partners of Meet Ventures to provide business coaching for their young entrepreneurs and startup founders.


This engagement underscores a commitment to nurturing a thriving ecosystem that empowers emerging talents and catalyses impactful ventures within the dynamic landscape of innovation and entrepreneurship.


It also reinforces our steadfast belief in promoting entrepreneurship as a catalyst for transformative change, acknowledging the pivotal role it plays in shaping resilient economies, fostering technological advancements, and cultivating a mindset of creativity and resourcefulness.



Estimated Timeline

Timeline for Training Program

The time needed to plan and launch a basic training program is around 4 months.


Timeline for Coaching Program

The time needed to plan and launch a basic coaching program is around 12 months.

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