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Business Introduction

Potential to Increase Revenue

Business Matching refers to the process of connecting businesses with potential partners, clients, or collaborators. Here are some ways that we can potentially help you to increase sales and revenues:


1. Accelerated Market Entry: Our established network allows for quicker and direct access to key players in the new market. By expediting introductions to potential clients, partners, and distributors, your business can establish a presence faster, leading to accelerated revenue generation without the need for comprehensive strategic advice.


2. Efficient Relationship Building: We excel at relationship building. Through our introductions, you can efficiently establish connections with local decision-makers. Building these relationships early on can lead to quicker sales conversions and partnerships, positively impacting your revenue stream.


3. Immediate Sales Opportunities: Successful introductions can result in immediate sales opportunities. By engaging with prequalified leads and prospects introduced through our network, your sales team can focus on converting potential clients into actual customers, thus boosting revenue.


4. Access to Distribution Channels: We can introduce you to potential distribution partners and open doors to established distributors, enabling your products or services to reach the market rapidly. This streamlined distribution process contributes to increased revenue through efficient market penetration.


5. Cross-Industry Collaboration: Through targeted introductions, we can help facilitate cross-industry collaborations. Exploring partnerships with businesses in related or complementary sectors can unlock new revenue streams. These collaborations can lead to joint ventures, co-marketing opportunities, or product/service integrations.

Potential to Reduce Costs

Business Matching refers to the process of connecting businesses with potential partners, clients, or collaborators. Here are some ways that we can potentially help you to reduce costs and risks:


1. Navigating Cultural Nuances: With our local knowledge, we can guide you through cultural nuances that may impact business relationships. By understanding and respecting these nuances from the outset, you can avoid potential misunderstandings that might lead to costly missteps or reputational damage.


2. Avoiding Costly Mistakes: We understand the local business landscape and power plays. By sitting in the initial introductory meeting, we help to set the stage and ensure that your interactions are well-received. This minimizes the risk of inadvertently damaging relationships and losing the business deal.


3. Minimized Cold Outreach Costs: Engaging us to make business introductions reduces the need for extensive cold outreach efforts. Cold outreach can be resource-intensive, requiring time and financial investment. By leveraging our network for warm introductions, you minimize the costs associated with traditional cold outreach campaigns, making your market entry more cost-effective.


4. Efficient Time Management: Our introductions save time for your team. Rather than spending valuable time on cold outreach and relationship building from scratch, your team can concentrate on core business activities. This time efficiency contributes to cost reduction by optimizing the utilization of human resources.


5. Reduced Opportunity Costs: Our role in making business introductions reduces opportunity costs associated with delayed market entry. Every day spent without connections in the new market could mean potential revenue lost. By swiftly establishing these connections, you mitigate the risk of missing out on valuable business opportunities, reducing opportunity costs.

Case Studies


Case Study:


Client: JETRO


Meet Ventures has been supporting Japanese companies with business introductions in South-East Asia since 2022.


Meet Ventures is proud to have been appointed as an official partner of the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), a Japanese government agency responsible for trade. Over the years, we have advised multiple Japanese companies on their market expansion plans and introduced them to business partners in the region.


Our efforts have helped to accelerate the growth and success of Japanese companies as they navigate the complexities of expanding their presence in the dynamic business landscape of South-East Asia.

Case Study:

Korean Government Agencies

Client: KTO / KOCCA / KAMS


Meet Ventures has been supporting Korean companies with their business matching in South-East Asia since 2021.


Korean government agencies such as KTO, KOCCA and KAMS have engaged Meet Ventures to support their companies with their market expansion plans. Companies that we have helped range from Series A startups with less than 20 employees to Series D startups with more than 200 employees.


Our efforts have helped many Korean companies to set up their regional offices and penetrate into markets like Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and more.


Estimated Timeline

The time needed to plan and launch a business matching project is around 3 months.

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