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Investor Introduction


Fundraising in Quicktime

Our Investor Matching package includes a preparatory phase where we do a pitch deck review and mock pitch before making formal introductions to investors. Below are some benefits at a glance:


1. Being Prepared: Being prepared for an investor meeting is half the battle won. What better way to prepare than getting direct feedback and practicing with actual investors like ourselves?


2. Quality of Investors: Top investors usually prefer referrals by trusted parties, and we can make introductions to help you secure a meeting with your preferred investors.


3. Quantity of Investors: With more than 100 VC Partners and 200 Angel Investors in our network, you get immediate access to a large pool of potential funds across Asia.


4. Save Time: Fundraising often takes away precious time from founders, time that could be better spent growing the business and getting more sales. Save precious time by engaging our services.


5. Save Costs: Hiring a full-time Investor Relations Director can be very costly and not every company can afford that. Engaging a service like ours allows you to get similar benefits at a fraction of the costs.

Case Studies


Case Study:


Client: JETRO


Meet Ventures has been supporting Japanese startups with their fundraising efforts since 2022.


Meet Ventures is proud to have been appointed as an official partner of the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), a Japanese government agency responsible for trade. Over the years, we have advised multiple Japanese companies on their fundraising plans and introduced them to investors in the region.


Some of the startups that we advised have also won Top 10 in regional pitch competitions. We are humbled that they attributed part of their success to our effective preparatory methods such as the 1-1 pitch deck review by our Managing Partners and a timed mock pitch.

Case Study:

Korean Government Agencies

Client: KTO / KOCCA / KAMS


Meet Ventures has been supporting Korean startups with their fundraising efforts since 2021.


Korean government agencies such as KTO, KOCCA and KAMS have commissioned Meet Ventures to help their local companies to understand the regional funding requirements and to meet with regional investors. Companies that we have helped range from Series A startups raising US$5M to Series D startups raising US$50M.


Apart from 1-1 investor introductions, we have also ran large-scale demo days and investor networking events. One such example is the K-Startup Demo Day sponsored by K-Startup Centre and Enterprise Singapore. The event, powered by Meet Ventures, attracted more than 200+ investors and regional partners.


Estimated Timeline

The time needed to plan and launch an investor matching project is around 3 months.

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