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Pitch Competition


Benefits for Corporates

Running a pitch competition can offer several benefits, not only to the organizers but also to participants, sponsors, and the broader entrepreneurial ecosystem. Here are some advantages for corporates:


1. Identifying Innovation: Pitch competitions attract a diverse range of participants with innovative ideas and solutions. Organizers have the opportunity to identify and showcase cutting-edge concepts, technologies, and business models that may have been overlooked.


2. Talent Spotting: Pitch competitions provide organizers with the opportunity to identify promising talent and high-potential startups. This can be valuable for investors, accelerators, and other organizations looking to connect with innovative ventures for potential collaboration or investment.


3. Enhancing Brand Visibility: Organizing a successful pitch competition can enhance the visibility and credibility of the organizing entity. It showcases a commitment to supporting innovation and emerging talent, contributing positively to the brand image.


4. Engaging the Community: Pitch competitions bring together a community of entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, and industry professionals. This engagement can strengthen ties within the community, fostering collaboration, knowledge exchange, and support networks.


5. Building a Network: Running a pitch competition allows organizers to build relationships with key players in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, including investors, sponsors, and successful entrepreneurs. This network can be valuable for future events and initiatives

Benefits for Government Agencies

Running a pitch competition can offer several benefits, not only to the organizers but also to participants, sponsors, and the broader entrepreneurial ecosystem. Here are some advantages for government agencies:


1. Promoting Entrepreneurship: By organizing pitch competitions, you contribute to the promotion of entrepreneurship. Encouraging individuals and teams to pitch their ideas fosters a culture of innovation and risk-taking, which is essential for the growth of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.


2. Supporting Ecosystem Growth: Pitch competitions contribute to the growth and vibrancy of the entrepreneurial ecosystem by providing a platform for startups to showcase their potential. This, in turn, attracts more talent, investment, and interest to the local or regional ecosystem.


3. Stimulating Economic Development: By promoting entrepreneurship and supporting startups, pitch competitions contribute to economic development. Successful ventures may generate jobs, stimulate local economies, and drive innovation in various sectors.


4. Fostering Education and Learning: Organizing pitch competitions involves setting criteria, evaluating pitches, and providing feedback. This process can be educational for organizers, helping them stay informed about industry trends and best practices in entrepreneurship.


5. Encouraging Diversity and Inclusion: Well-designed pitch competitions can encourage participation from diverse backgrounds, promoting inclusivity in entrepreneurship. This can lead to a more varied and representative pool of ideas and solutions.

Case Studies

Case Studies


Case Study:

Suzhou Venture Contest

Client: Suzhou Municipality Government


The Suzhou Municipality Government wanted to attract top startups from all across the world to expand into Suzhou China. They did this through the Suzhou Venture Contest where winning startups could get significant cash grants and fast-track visa applications. Meet Ventures supported the startup recruitment efforts for the Singapore segment of the global pitch competition.


Various consultancy firms from all across the world were hired to help recruit startups globally to participate in the Suzhou Venture Contest. Meet Ventures was tasked to recruit startups from Singapore to apply for the program. Our KPI was to get at least 50 applications within 2 months and at least half of them had to be deep tech startups. In the end, we managed to get more than 70 applications within the stipulated deadline.

Case Study:

Pitch Event @SWITCH

Client: Enterprise Singapore


The Singapore Week of Innovation & Technology (SWiTCH) organized by Enterprise Singapore brings together MNCs, SMEs, startups, research institutions, investors government agencies and more.


Meet Ventures is proud to have been appointed every year as Judges for the global pitch competition at SWiTCH since 2020. Meet Ventures was also hired by Enterprise Singapore to organize an in-person pitch competition for 20 startups that attracted more than 270 investors and partners. The event was graced by the Director of Enterprise Singapore who also gave us a positive testimonial on LinkedIn.


Estimated Timeline

Timeline for Online Event


Timeline for Physical Event

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