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Do you need a defense against brute-force login attacks, credential stuffing, and other automated threats? Lemin's Captcha is uniquely playful, robust, and effective. Our mission is to bring warmth and simplicity to the cold and frustrating world of security solutions.

Lemin Captcha’s game-based design makes services universally accessible for users. Easy to understand and instantly recognizable, user experiences are simple, fast and fun. Implementing a Lemin Captcha is simple and fast. Just pick up a JS tag then paste it into your website. That’s all! You can find plugins for common website technology here.

Make security steps a part of your brand experience by customizing Captchas using your own images and branding. Integrating discount codes and other branded content is easy. See detailed stats on user retention and volume of attacks, then set your perfect security level. Balance ease of use with security. With Lemin Captcha you’re not only safe and secure, but in total control.


Members are eligible for free use for up to 50,000 puzzles shown (assessment) per month for 1 year. 

Value: $600

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